Susan's Story

"My head is spinning. My stomach is aching and nauseous. I am so angry. I can’t sleep. I feel so alone but completely exposed at the same time. I wondered how this could be happening to me! Married for 17 years, three beautiful children, successful careers, connected with a community of faith – from the outside it looked like my life was perfect! Until I found odd texts on my husband’s phone. After some checking, I discovered the problem was much bigger than I originally thought. My husband had been “hooking up” anonymously with other women using online dating sites and virtually breaking every marriage vow he ever made to me. I am devastated and ashamed wondering why I am not enough for him.”Susan

These are words that describe what many partners feel prior to seeking help for sexual betrayal trauma. Whether a one-time discovery of infidelity or a pattern of compulsive sexual behaviors, a partner of someone acting out sexually is reeling from the discovery or disclosure and needs specialized help navigating their emotional, psychological, physical, spiritual and relational pain.

It is harder to find truly supportive therapeutic options than you would think. Not every therapist has the knowledge and skill to manage the crisis of discovery. At INTACT, we understand the need for immediate crisis management to stabilize emotions and the broader need for creation of a plan for partner trauma treatment including individual therapy, self-care practices, boundary setting, and weekly group support. We listen, empathize, validate, strengthen, and guide. We join you in your journey into wholeness. Contact us today.

Steps to Healing