Jacinda R. Jaymes

Licensed Professional Counselor
Counselor, LPC, DARTT

My goal for the therapeutic relationship is to create a safe and supportive environment in which clients can embrace their preciousness, find hope, and begin to move forward in their life and relationships. I am passionate about helping individuals (adults, teens, & children) discover and believe that they have value and worth just for being their authentic self.

My passion is in the area of treating Developmental and Relational Trauma (DARTT). The treatment model I implement is based off of the work of Pia Melody, and it approaches trauma from the standpoint of its translation in the Greek language as a “wound to the soul” or a “soul wound.” The work focuses on “getting the story straight” for the client, processing events that were less than nurturing, grieving the losses, releasing the trauma stored in the body, and empowering the client to be a “functional adult.” I support individuals through their recovery process, while also working to prevent individuals from perpetuating abuse and unhealthy patterns within their own families.

I believe that our greatest strength at INTACT Counseling Group is our commitment to being healthy and safe. We are authentic, experienced, well-trained, and genuinely compassionate clinicians. My colleagues and I believe that creating a safe space means that we are actively engaging in our own “work”. We believe you cannot take anyone further than you have gone or are willing to go. This dedication to being accountable and safe encourages a climate of health and being “relational” with our clients and with one another.

If you are interested in learning to thrive as the person you were intended to be, please contact me or others on the team

Certifications: (1) "LPCC"- Licensed Professional Counselor with clinical endorsement; (2) "DARTT"- Trauma Therapist, addresses pain/trauma from our families and/or relationships later in life

Specialties: Trauma and PTSD ~ Relationship Issues ~ Self-Esteem ~ Codependency

Other areas of expertise:
Developmental Trauma
Family of Origin Concerns
Life Adjustments
Coping Skills
Love/Relationship Addiction
Spirituality/Religious Concerns
Peer Relationships
Pre-Teens (11-12)
Children (6-10)
Relationship Distress
Interpersonal Conflicts
Mood Disorders
Post-Traumatic Stress
Women's Issues
Diagnosis & Treatment of Mental & Emotional Disorders