No Surprises Act

You may obtain a good faith estimate of your therapist’s charges upon request prior to scheduling your first appointment.

The No Surprises Act is a federal law which provides you with the right to a good faith estimate of the cost of services at Intact Counseling Group. However, Ohio licensing board rules require all therapists to provide clients with the actual cost of charges in a written informed consent form to which clients must agree prior to Intact Counseling Group therapists providing services. That will be available to clients to understand fees prior to being seen for services and prior to any billing. In most cases, it is impossible to estimate how many sessions clients will need, and that will not be determined until individual concerns are evaluated and will also vary based on the progress that clients make, which depends in part on client efforts with the process. Clients will be free to discontinue services at any time or the services may otherwise be terminated in accordance with the informed consent form language.

Although the No Surprises Act says that clients may initiate a dispute process if the actual charges are substantially in excess of the Good Faith Estimated charges (i.e. if you are charged $400 more than the estimated cost for a session or for the total estimate provided), that is unlikely to happen and would be a violation of licensing board rules, since clients will be agreeing up front to actual charges per session prior to being seen. Dispute information is available upon request, however. Any changes to therapist fees will require a change in the informed consent form fees, which you must agree to prior to having them go into effect, otherwise the fees will remain in effect for 12 months.