Missy's Story

“What is wrong with me? I have a history of failed romantic relationships leaving me feeling hopeless and lonely. I meet a great guy, fall head over heels in love, feel we are perfect for each other, get caught up in lots of passion, romance, and intensity. I just want to be loved and feel safe in a relationship for the long term. Once I am “all in”, he begins to pull away and ghost me. I don’t understand. I am panicky, I’m afraid to be alone, and I am confused.

After my first visit with my INTACT counselor, I felt like she knew exactly what direction to take me in therapy. Not only did she listen, she helped me understand codependence and love addiction/avoidance. It was as if she already knew my story! She cast a vision for a healthy future where I can feel my own worth, strength, and reality!”Missy

Steps to Recovery