Adam's Story

I had been to several therapists seeking help to stop my porn addiction. I seem to be able to temporarily stop using porn and masturbating. I get engaged in some individual therapy or a group support experience but it only gives me brief relief from the drive to act out. I work toward being sober but I fail to follow through. It’s as if the symptoms were temporarily addressed, but not the deeper causes of the addiction. My wife said she can’t take any more staggered discoveries of my relapses. I have one last chance to save my marriage and keep my family together. I am ashamed, exhausted and feel hopeless.

This is how I felt before I found my INTACT counselor. He is specialized in sex addiction therapy, trained to treat my childhood trauma history, and works as a part of a treatment team to help my wife and family navigate the effects of my acting out. A vision for a marriage and a future like we could never imagine is now within our reach!Adam

Struggling with sexually addictive or compulsive behaviors is challenging to personal growth and real intimacy. These behaviors threaten to destroy careers, marriages, and families. While they are unhealthy they don’t have to define you. Let us walk with you in recovery helping you to understand not only the behaviors themselves but the underlying motivation that informs the need to medicate. You will be emotionally safe. We will care for you without judgment. Grow into a life you’ve never had before, one of true intimacy and real connection with those you love. Move into wholeness.

Steps to Recovery